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We provide adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) 24-hour residential care from trained and qualified Direct Support Professionals (DSP). Whether it's day to day personal skills, transportation to scheduled appointments, work, social outings, or financial guidance and basic money management skills, our DSP’s are there to assist each individual with all their specific needs.


What We Do

Built on a foundation of family values, WRC ensures that each staff follows the mold to promote similar values when serving any of our residents.

It is important to provide a positive and trustworthy environment where the residents we serve can feel completely comfortable just being themselves. In doing so, we have seen substantial development in the ability to learn and grow both in the house and in the community. We take pride in this, building a solid core of staff members that do not work for a resident but rather alongside of them, helping with whatever it is they need.

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  • Safety: Includes (Fire, Emergency Disaster, Residential Sites Safety, Vehicle Safety, OSHA and Infectious disease)
  • Crisis Prevention: ​Positive approaches & Emergency Health and Behavior Situations
  • HCSIS & Incident Management Investigations: Scopes the entire process of an investigation from beginning to end
  • Fiscal Responsibilities: Discuss proper documentation, Individual petty cash logs, and shopping
  • Human Resources: Includes (Anti-harassment, Confidentiality, Personal conduct standards, Dress code, etc…)
  • Daily Operation policies: Medication Policy and forms and also Department Policies, Procedures and Emergency Practices
  • Food Safety: Specializing in the precautions needed when preparing food
  • First Aid/CPR/Dysphagia: A presentation is given by a qualified professional in regards to each
  • Medication Practicum, Forms & Policies: These training’s are completed on sites in order to ensure the proper medication policies are understood
  • Bed Bug Training: Proper training is given to help staff identify this problem in its early stages

Dedicated to providing safe and reliable transportation.

  • Scheduled Appointments: It is very important that each resident gets to their appointment safely and on time
  • Social Events: Whether its a planned event or spur of the moment, we are happy to provide transportation to and from whatever event our resident may want to attend. In an area full of things to do, never worry about a ride!
  • Day Program/Work: There is nothing worse than car trouble in the morning! No need to worry we will always be able to provide a ride to and from day programs.
  • New Individuals: We also provide transportation for new individuals who may come from different parts of the state. By land or by air we want to ensure that everything is as smooth as possible when transitioning from one area to another.
  • Vacations: Want to take a vacation? Worried about a ride? Not a problem. We provide transportation to and from for whenever that urge to do something out of the ordinary may set in.
  • Reliability: Each of our vehicles are safe and reasonable cars or vans. They are well maintained and monitored closely, All vehicles are operated by licensed drivers whose number one goal is safety.
  • Our Fleet: Our vehicle list includes handicapped accessible vans, standard vans, SUV’s and cars. All of our vehicles are purchased from Reputable Dealers and maintained on a regular basis by certified mechanics.
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We promote a strong presence around the community.

One thing that cannot be stressed enough in our relationship between us as a provider and our residents is their interaction in the community. We have always felt that it is important to provide those we serve with the same respect, dignity and opportunities as anyone else.

This initiative has provided for some great times and priceless memories. Weiblinger's plays host to a number of different social events to get all of our individuals involved including:

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  • Movie Nights: Done on a weekly basis where everyone can get together and enjoy a movie
  • Bowling: Although we do not actually host this event, each week our residents like to get together and enjoy a night of bowling
  • Game Nights: Monthly Game nights are held where everyone comes together to play various games including bingo

Located in the heart of the south hills, there is plenty to do around the area to keep occupied. Should you be looking for something a little more we are happy to accommodate your vacation request! Below is a list of activities that our residents are known to enjoy:

  • Pittsburgh: Pirates, Penguins, Steeler games and shows at the Benedum center have been known to strike interest.
  • Kennywood: A short distance from one of the country’s most historic theme parks.
  • Waterfront: Also, only a short distance away from our residences, the Waterfront has a number of shopping and dining options and is located very close to Sandcastle Water Park.
  • Vacations: We have provided residents aid in planning and taking vacations of their choice. In the past we have assisted on trips to Wildwood NJ, Lake Erie, Dolly Land TN, Ocean City MD and Splash Lagoon just to name a few.

Our Financial team works to understand each resident we serve and in turn provide him or her with their own specific financial guidance.

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At WRC we work to ensure that each of our Residents have a firm grasp on their financial Situation:

  • Monitoring Funds: Our goal is to provide each resident with confident and stable funds management practices by tracking purchases made and backing them with receipts. Their funds are monitored on a weekly basis to ensure that there is no misuse of funds, and also to ensure that inventory lists are kept current.
  • Rep Payee: WRC does not offer a Rep Payee service in house but does work very closely with a number of reputable third-party Rep Payee services to oversee spending of each resident and help them with weekly and monthly budgets.
  • Purchasing: We work to understand the specific needs of each of our residents along with the types of funds they have available when making any purchase large or small. All major purchases and activities that our residents embark in are made by our Financial team in conjunction with their Rep Payee, generally paid for upfront by WRC.
  • Social Security: Each Resident receives with SSA (Social Security Award) or SSI (Social Security Income) which determines the amount of benefit they receive; these letters are kept on file and up to date.

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